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February 2015

03 Feb Re-experience Aarhus Symposium 2014 in the live stream videos

A new semester and a new year have begun. We provide you with the opportunity to re-experience and be inspired by the interesting speaker presentations from Aarhus Symposium 2014.

Treating the theme of “Leadership and Strategy”, the live stream videos from last year’s symposium include:

Peder Tuborgh, CEO Arla Foods, on how to secure a global brand in a world full of diversity and competition, and the leadership skills required.
Thomas F. Borgen, Group CEO Danske Bank, on what it takes in terms of strategy, leadership, and culture to maintain the position as a leading Nordic bank.
• The Leadership Debate with Birger Steen, CEO Parallels; Anders Eldrup, Professional Board Member – Chairman; Peter Bartram, Danish Chief of Defence; and Jeff Gravenhorst, Group CEO ISS A/S.
• The Strategy Debate with Morten Strunge, Founder & CEO Mofibo; Mette Lykke, Co-founder & CEO Endomondo; Peder Tuborgh, CEO Arla Foods; and Karina Schmitt Lund, Founder & CEO Winterspring.

Please find the live stream videos here on our website.