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May 2017

02 May the theme of aarhus symposium 2017 is “LEADING THROUGH CHANGE”

The theme of Aarhus Symposium 2017 is: “LEADING THROUGH CHANGE”.

The world of tomorrow will always be different from the one we know today. Change encompasses nearly every aspect of life, keeping the world in a constant state of fluctuation. On one hand, leaders hold the power to facilitate change; on the other hand, they are faced with trends that exceed them and which can invade entire industries or even nations. At Aarhus Symposium 2017, we seek to explore the interplay between following the trends of today and setting the agenda of tomorrow.

Read the full description of this year’s theme and tracks here:

We are looking forward to delve further into this year’s theme with leaders of today and leaders of tomorrow on November 3, 2017.