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March 2018

22 Mar Interview with Lars Rohde

“We are always fighting the last war.”

Those were the words of Lars Rohde, Chairman of the Board of Governors at Danmarks Nationalbank, after his session at Aarhus Symposium 2017. Throughout this interview, he highlighted the challenges facing the existing financial structures caused by fierce competition and increased innovation.

To find out why well-established companies in the FinTech industry potentially pose a threat against the existing financial structures, watch the interview with Lars Rohde or experience the full session by clicking here.

20 Mar Interview with Bastian Emil Jørgensen

“The Danish society is among the most digitalized in the world, and this makes its public institutions very vulnerable to attacks through cyberspace from everywhere.”

In his essay, the winner of the Aarhus Symposium Award 2017, Bastian Emil Jørgensen, brought attention to how digital attacks, in his opinion, pose the biggest current threat against Denmark. Thereby, he managed to secure himself a private session with Bjarne Corydon, former Global Director, McKinsey Center for Government.

He calls for a reformation of the Danish military conscription to ensure that Denmark is well equipped to stand against cyberattacks. Thus, Denmark would be prepared for the threats of today and tomorrow.

Visit the following link to gain further insight into the innovative arguments of the essay that secured Bastian Emil Jørgensen the Aarhus Symposium Award 2017:

chairman & board members

15 Mar The new chairman of the Aarhus Symposium Board of Directors and three new board members!

We are pleased to announce the new chairman of the Aarhus Symposium Board of Directors, Michael Svarer. Currently, Michael Svarer is a Professor in Economics at the Department of Economics and Management at Aarhus BSS and chairman at The Danish Economic Councils.

Likewise, we are proud to present three new board members:

Nick Melgaard, Associate at NREP and member of the Aarhus Symposium Steering Committee from 2012 to 2013.

Michael Jensen, Associate Partner at Kunde & Co and former marketing and PR responsible at Aarhus Symposium 2011.

Kristina Risom Jespersen, Faculty Head of Education and Associate Professor at the Department of Economics and Business Economics at Aarhus BSS.

We look forward to experience what their competences will bring to the organisation.

Read more about the Aarhus Symposium Board of Directors here: 

13 Mar Interview with Jacob Gram Alsing

“You cannot build a template just from the theories; you need to have a gut feeling.”

According to Jacob Gram Alsing, Chief Operating Officer at Mikkeller, businesses should choose carefully when deciding to apply these theories or not. Therefore, Mikkeller’s method of conducting market analysis differs greatly from that of other companies.

After his session at Aarhus Symposium 2017, Jacob Gram Alsing elaborated on how Mikkeller seeks to influence consumer behavior in an unconventional manner by simply producing a product that they truly believe in.

Visit the following link to watch the full session and learn why Jacob Gram Alsing does not believe that the theories of the academic world always suit the reality faced in real life:

05 Mar Interview with Bo Nilsson

How does Nets create payment solutions that suit the end consumers? And why are flexibility and exponential thinking critical to students entering the labour market?

Leading a company whose services are used by a staggering 98% of the Danish population, CEO at Nets, Bo Nilsson, delivered an interesting session at Aarhus Symposium 2017.

In the following interview, he elaborated on the importance of a network effect in order to secure that consumers adopt the payment solutions. He also shared some key takeaways from his session including why he finds it critical for students to be flexible and capable of thinking exponentially.

Watch the interview to unveil why hiring students is appealing to a company experiencing exponential growth, or enjoy the full session by clicking here.

01 Mar Interview with Helle Valentin

How does artificial intelligence help IBM make informed decisions? And why is transparency, consciousness, and protection of privacy vital to future consumers?

On November 3, at Aarhus Symposium 2017, Helle Valentin, Global Chief Operating Officer of Watson Internet of Things at IBM, participated as a speaker on the tracks New Consumers and New Technologies. According to her, the power is shifting from businesses to consumers. As a result of change, it forces consumers to be conscious and to secure transparency of demand and protection of privacy.

After the event, Helle Valentin elaborated on her experience as a speaker at Aarhus Symposium 2017 and shared some of the key insights from her session.

Watch the interview to gain insight into how IBM embraces change and utilises artificial intelligence, and how Valentin believes that students entering the labour market can benefit from her learnings.

To re-experience the full session with Helle Valentin, please click here.