Every year, the first Friday in November, a strong line-up of key decision-makers and leaders of today are invited to share their experiences and engage in discussions with ambitious students. Aarhus Symposium is an event of extraordinary class with the objective to connect students, the leaders of tomorrow, with key decision-makers and leaders of today. To accomplish this, an annual symposium on a specific theme is held in the pleasant atmosphere at Aarhus University, Aarhus BSS.

The participating students and the invited speakers engage in a discussion, achieving the organisation’s main purpose; having leaders of today connecting with leaders of tomorrow. This purpose is the core of Aarhus Symposium, and it is closely related to the history and foundation of the organisation. In that way, Aarhus Symposium constitutes a visionary learning space in which leaders of today and leaders of tomorrow can learn and challenge each other on pressing subjects of today.



In 2011, the idea of Aarhus Symposium was conceived. To educate the future global leaders something was absent at Aarhus University, Aarhus BSS. The educational system was missing a link to the society surrounding it, reminding the students of the purpose of their studies. Aarhus Symposium was created with the aim of overcoming this gap and connecting the academic world with the real world.