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Aarhus Symposium

09 Sep Jais Valeur – Speaker at Aarhus Symposium 2016

We are proud to announce Jais Valeur, CEO at Danish Crown, as a speaker at Aarhus Symposium 2016.

Jais Valeur is leading the largest agricultural export company in Denmark. Previously, he has played a vital role in the successful internationalisation of Arla where he demonstrated the ability to create profits while handling challenging geopolitical affairs. It is Jais Valeur’s vision that Danish Crown no longer shall perceive itself as a Danish exporter, but rather as an international food company.

At Aarhus Symposium 2016, Jais Valeur will share insights on how a global company can navigate a clear strategic direction in highly unpredictable markets.

07 Sep The Topics of Aarhus symposium Challenge 2016

We hereby announce the three topics of Aarhus Symposium Challenge 2016!
Find them in the Challenge Handbook here.

The three top leaders: Peder Holk Nielsen, President & CEO at Novozymes; Morten Albæk, Co-founder & CEO at Voluntas; and Jimmy Maymann, President at AOL Content & Consumer Brands, look forward to hearing your innovative ideas and creative solutions regarding “The Art of Power”.

By submitting an essay that meets the requirements, you can secure your seat at both Aarhus Symposium Focus 2016 and Aarhus Symposium 2016 as well as potentially qualify for an intimate session with the respective leader in Leaders’ Forum.

Following last year’s success, we have once again assembled a virtual toolbox that will provide you with inspiration for your essay. Find it right here.

The deadline for submitting you essay is September 28 before midnight. You can upload it here.

For more information about Aarhus Symposium Challenge, please click here.

04 Sep Arla – Premium Partner of Aarhus Symposium 2016

We proudly announce Arla Foods as a Premium Partner of Aarhus Symposium 2016.

As a visionary and competitive company, Arla Foods welcomes a number of talented and ambitious students to join the organisation each year. By offering internships, Master Thesis cooperation, and the prestigious F15 Graduate Programme, Arla Foods is a very attractive organisation for students.

By participating in this year’s Aarhus Symposium Challenge, you will have the opportunity to attend “Power Up with Arla” on Friday, October 28 at Aarhus BSS. Here, Peder Tuborgh, CEO at Arla Foods, will present his take on the theme of Aarhus Symposium 2016 in a one-hour presentation and Q&A session. Furthermore, you get to meet representatives from different divisions at Arla Foods.

We want to thank Arla Foods for once again supporting Aarhus Symposium. We encourage students to seize the opportunity to learn more about one of the world’s leading dairy companies on October 28.

02 Sep DONG Energy – Premium Partner of Aarhus Symposium 2016

It is with great pleasure that we announce DONG Energy as a Premium Partner of Aarhus Symposium 2016.

Energy is a fundamental part of modern society. To stay competitive, DONG Energy strives to rethink the traditional energy production to make a difference to both private persons and the corporate industry.

DONG Energy invites the students who contribute with some of the most extraordinary essays for Aarhus Symposium Challenge 2016 to “A Day at DONG Energy” at their office in Gentofte. As one of the selected few participants, you will gain insights into their corporate strategy by engaging in a real-life business case in collaboration with DONG Energy employees.

We want to thank DONG Energy for contributing to Aarhus Symposium 2016, and we encourage students to participate in Aarhus Symposium Challenge 2016 to have the opportunity to visit one of Northern Europe’s leading energy concerns.

01 Sep Jyske Bank – Premium Partner of Aarhus Symposium 2016

We are happy to announce Jyske Bank as a Premium Partner of Aarhus Symposium 2016.

With almost 100 Danish branches and two branches abroad, Jyske Bank is the second largest financial institution in Denmark. As a parvenu in the Danish banking industry, Jyske Bank found new ways for driving their business, which indeed led to activity and competition in the industry.

As an extraordinary initiative this year, Jyske Bank has arranged a visit at their headquarters in Silkeborg for eight students contributing with some of the most unique essays for this year’s Aarhus Symposium Challenge 2016. At “A Day at Jyske Bank”, you will meet Anders Dam, CEO, and engage in exciting tasks in different departments throughout the day.

We want to thank Jyske Bank for taking an active part in Aarhus Symposium 2016, and we encourage students not to miss out on the opportunity to visit one of the most innovative and competitive banks in Denmark.

30 May Peder Holk Nielsen – Speaker at Aarhus Symposium 2016

We proudly present Peder Holk Nielsen, President and CEO at Novozymes, as a speaker at Aarhus Symposium 2016 and as the second top leader participating in Aarhus Symposium Challenge.

As CEO, Peder Holk Nielsen has been the driving force behind the election of Novozymes as the world’s most attractive company for scientists in 2015 by Science Magazine. Furthermore, through the development of biofuels, Peder Holk Nielsen has taken on the responsibility of increasing the company’s contribution to a sustainable future. Recently, Peder Holk Nielsen was voted “Global Game Changer” by Forbes Magazines for his effort within the company.

At Aarhus Symposium 2016, Peder Holk Nielsen will share his insights on the future challenges that Novozymes will face as a market leader within the biotechnological industry.

In September, Peder Holk Nielsen will put forward a challenge within the theme of “The Art of Power”. By taking up the challenge, students have the opportunity to qualify for an exclusive session with him in Leader’s Forum.

Read more about Aarhus Symposium Challenge here.

04 May The Theme of Aarhus Symposium 2016 is: ”THE ART OF POWER”

The theme of Aarhus Symposium 2016 is ”THE ART OF POWER”.

Visible or not, power is truly embedded in leadership. However, possessing power does not necessarily imply that others follow your lead. To understand the art of power is therefore necessary to become a great leader. Leaders who successfully manage the art can accomplish extraordinary things. Leaders, who do not, will stumble and miss great opportunities. Whether power is associated with possibilities or limitations thus depends on the leaders’ abilities. Hence, power is of great influence for the future of states, businesses, and individuals.

Read more about this year’s theme and tracks in the leaflet here.

We are looking forward to discovering the different perspectives from leaders of today and leaders of tomorrow on November 4.

22 Feb Recapture the fifth Aarhus Symposium

If you did not have the chance to participate in Aarhus Symposium 2015, or if you want to re-experience the day, you can dive into captivating perspectives on how leaders of today manage the ever-changing world of technology, with the aim of creating a successful future for their business.

Watch the presentations right here and be inspired by last year’s great speakers, who shared their insights and expertise from the corporate world with 650 attending students from universities all over Denmark.

29 Dec Re-experience Aarhus Symposium 2015!

Aarhus Symposium 2015 was indeed an insightful day with more than 650 engaging students, 13 top leaders and decision-makers, 8 moderators, and 9 partners.

We have gathered some of the greatest and most memorable moments from Aarhus Symposium 2015, and we are pleased to share them with you. Re-experience the day right here.

18 Dec Meet the Winner of the Aarhus Symposium Award 2015

Oskar Harmsen submitted an outstanding essay for this year’s Aarhus Symposium Challenge and was rewarded with an invitation to Leaders’ Forum as well as the Aarhus Symposium Award 2015.

Read about Oskar’s exclusive meeting with Christian Stadil, CEO at Thornico, and find his best advice for future essay writers here.

Additionally, you can be inspired by Oskar’s winning essay here.