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FAQ for Aarhus Symposium Challenge

What is a qualified contribution to Aarhus Symposium Challenge?

Your essay qualifies for Aarhus Symposium Challenge when it meets all of the following requirements:

• Be of maximum 4,800 characters (incl. spaces)

• Be written in English or Danish

• Not include your own name in any of the pages

• Be handed-in no later than September 23, 2018, at 23:59


This however does not necessarily secure you a seat at our events. The 650 best essay writers will secure a seat at Aarhus Symposium 2018 and the 350 best essay writers will secure a seat at Aarhus Symposium Focus 2018.


If you need inspiration for your essay, please connect with out Messenger Bot.

Where do I hand in my essay?

You should hand in your essay contribution no later than September 23 on our website.


Please be sure to meet all essay requirements before you upload your essay. Find more information about the requirements in “What is a qualified contribution to Aarhus Symposium Challenge”.

How will my essay be evaluated?

Below you find an overview of the different steps of the four-stage screening process:

Who is in the Aarhus Symposium Knowledge Board?

Aarhus Symposium Knowledge Board nominates the best essay contributors to Leaders’ Forum. The board consists of academics from Danish as well as foreign universities.

Who is in the Aarhus Symposium Screening Board?

The Aarhus Symposium Screening Board consists of Aarhus Symposium Alumni. Aarhus Symposium Alumni represent various Danish as well as international companies and organisations. Among others are:



• Deloitte Denmark

• Bank of America

• McKinsey & Company

• Kunde & Co

• The Boston Consulting Group

• Salling Group

I just handed in my essay. What are the next steps?

You will receive an e-mail no later than October 5, 2018, containing information regarding whether your essay has qualified to secure you a seat for Aarhus Symposium and/or Aarhus Symposium Focus.


A few weeks prior to Aarhus Symposium, you will receive information about your personal track allocation and further practical information in regard to your participation.


If you are one of the few authors qualifying for Leaders’ Forum, you will be contacted by phone no later than October 21, 2018. Further details will be shared at this point in time.


The sessions at Leaders’ Forum will take place on November 2, the day of Aarhus Symposium 2018. The sessions will take place in a pleasant and informal setting on Campus Fuglesangs Allé at Aarhus University, Aarhus BSS.


We encourage you to connect with our Messenger Bot or to read the Challenge Handbook, which will provide you with inspiration for writing your essay.

What is Leaders' Forum?

If you write one of the most extraordinary and inspiring essays, you will be invited to participate in the exclusive Leaders’ Forum. This is your unique opportunity to engage with one of the three Aarhus Symposium Challenge speakers.


On the day of Aarhus Symposium, an intimate and informal setting sets the scene for the exclusive one-hour Leaders’ Forum. Here, you will meet the speaker who challenged you to discuss the challenge and the ideas that you presented in your essay.


The day before Leaders’ Forum, McKinsey & Company will host a workshop for all Leaders’ Forum participants. The purpose of the workshop is to prepare you for your session, and give you the tools to communicate in a professional and clear manner.


On the day of Aarhus Symposium, the author behind the best essay is rewarded with the Aarhus Symposium Award. The winner is nominated by the Board of Directors, and will be announced at the end of Aarhus Symposium on November 2, 2018.

What does track prioritisation mean?

The speakers for Aarhus Symposium 2018 are divided to speak on four different tracks. As you hand in your essay, you are asked to give your prioritisation of the four tracks.


Due to limited seats in the auditoriums, the tracks are allocated during the screening process – the more extraordinary an essay, the greater are the chance to get your first priority track.