We proudly present Connie Hedegaard, Chairman of the Board at KR Foundation, as speaker at Aarhus Symposium 2015 and one of the leaders participating in Aarhus Symposium Challenge.

Connie Hedegaard is acknowledged for her leadership skills and political influence within the field of climate. From 2010 to 2014, she held the position as European Commissioner for Climate Action in the European Union, where she worked on ensuring investments in a sustainable future, including the many promising European Green Tech companies. Today, she continues to have great impact and seeks to stimulate action on the long-term climate challenges in her position at KR Foundation.

With her remarkable experience, Connie Hedegaard will be able to share unique perspectives on clean technology, and the adoption of such initiatives in connection with climate challenges, at Aarhus Symposium 2015.

In September, Connie Hedegaard will put forward a challenge within the theme of “Leadership and Technology”. By taking up the challenge, students have the opportunity to qualify for an exclusive meeting with her in Leaders’ Forum.