We are thrilled to announce Arla as the Platinum Partner of Aarhus Symposium for the second year in a row. Arla is an impressive global cooperative with production facilities in 13 different countries and sales offices in further 30 countries.

To stay competitive, Arla welcomes skilled and ambitious students to join the organisation each year. By providing students the opportunity to explore theories in real life and build up their personal network, Arla is a very attractive organisation for students, offering both internships, Master Thesis cooperation, and the prestigious F15 Graduate Programme. In particular, the F15 Graduate Programme, which directly aims to upgrade the skills and mind-set of carefully selected graduates, is highly desirable to many students with leadership ambitions.

At Aarhus Symposium 2015, you can meet representatives from different divisions at Arla and learn more about their many opportunities for students and graduates.

We want to thank Arla for taking active part in the success of Aarhus Symposium 2015, and we encourage students to seize the opportunity to learn more about Arla on November 6 – and maybe even kick-start a career in one of the world’s largest dairy companies.

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