We look forward to welcoming the eight moderators, who will guide us through two exciting days of speaker presentations and debates at Battle of the Economists 2015 and Aarhus Symposium 2015.

The five journalists, Poul Erik Skammelsen, Vibeke Daell Bjerrum, Niels Lunde, Jørgen Andersen, and Nina Z. Munch-Perrin, have many years of journalistic experience within the Danish and international business environment. With their journalistic background, we are certain they will pose the right questions for the speakers in their individual sessions.

Philipp Schröder is Professor at the Department of Economics and Business at Aarhus University, Aarhus BSS and his research is primarily focused on globalisation and export. As such, he has great academic knowledge of the issues companies face, making him an excellent moderator for Aarhus Symposium 2015.

Martin Brynskov has been the front-runner of several projects regarding the future development of cities and is an expert on the topic of Smarter Cities. With this area of expertise, we are confident that he will do a great job moderating the Smarter Cities track at Aarhus Symposium 2015.

Finally, we find Thomas Bernt Henriksen to be the ideal moderator of Battle of the Economists 2015, as he holds a Master’s degree in Economics from the University of Copenhagen and has several years of journalistic experience as Economics Editor at Dagbladet Børsen.