We are proud to announce the three speakers who will join us on November 4 as part of the Aarhus Symposium Panel Discussion on “Exploring Cyber Power”.

The first speaker is Thomas Lund-Sørensen, Director at Centre for Cyber Security, which is a part of the Danish Defence Intelligence Service. As director, it is his main task to secure a high level of information security in the Danish society. Through his work, Thomas Lund-Sørensen has gained considerable experience with protecting Denmark against cyber threats.

Next, we present Anja Bechmann, Head of Digital Footprints Research Group at Aarhus University, Aarhus BSS. One of Anja Bechmann’s main research areas is consumer privacy on social media. Her knowledge on digital footprints is one of the reasons why she is an appointed member of the National ATV Council of Digital Sages.

The third and final speaker is Kim Schlyter, Cyber Risk Leader at Deloitte Denmark and the Nordics. He is a well-respected cyber security expert, who has been working with security for nearly 20 years. In his position at Deloitte, Schlyter uses his expertise to help companies analyse their resistance towards professional and criminal hackers. This practice goes across many cyber disciplines such as information protection and ethical hacking.

All three experts will bring interesting insights into the discussion on how we will secure ourselves against cybercrime now and in the future.