We are happy to announce Nana Bule, the Founders of Shaping New Tomorrow, and Kasper Holten for Aarhus Symposium 2019.

Creativity is fundamental in the development of modern technology. Nana Bule, CEO, Microsoft Denmark, is a prominent part of the public debate on digital development. Her knowledge of technology and leadership is valuable serving as Board Chair of AI-based Motosumo. In addition, Nana utilises her position at Microsoft towards making Denmark more adaptable to technological changes.

Daring to be different and creative, Shaping New Tomorrow, a Danish men’s fashion start-up, invented comfortable and fashionable clothing. By appearing on the Danish television show,“Løvens Hule”, Shaping New Tomorrow attracted investors and introduced their innovative clothing to a broad audience. As a result, Shaping New Tomorrow saw impressive growth as they expanded into four new markets in 2018.

Creativity is decisive when interpreting, challenging, and taking risks with classic artforms. Kasper Holten, Director, The Royal Danish Theatre, uses his experiences as a self-taught producer and author to confront the usual approach of performing classic art. This is incisive when challenging the norms and pre-established boundaries of an organisation reliant upon creativity.

Stay tuned as we will reveal the remaining speakers.