We are incredibly pleased to announce Susanne Mørch Koch, André Rogaczewski, and Henrik Andersen as the three speakers participating in this year’s Aarhus Symposium Challenge. 


With the liberalisation of the gaming industry in 2012, the market conditions for the betting market was redefined. However, Susanne Mørch Koch, CEO, Danske Spil, increased market shares and achieved record earnings with a digital transformation paving the way. As an acknowledgement of this successful transformation, Danske Spil was awarded “Digital Company of The Year” in 2019.


Netcompany is the first Danish company to exceed a 1000 employees in the last 20 years. André Rogaczewski, CEO & Co-founder, Netcompany, started programming from a young age, as he saw the potential of technology. Now, André uses his own experiences to combine creativity and technology to change and improve the way we live our lives. Together with Netcompany, he accomplishes this by developing and implementing IT solutions to the largest companies in Denmark.


As part of the successful turnaround of Vestas resulting in a 460% increase in stock price, Henrik Andersen, CEO, Vestas, uses creativity to challenge status quo. This is fundamental when transforming a global business. By setting a new strategic direction and being a front runner in the green transition, Vestas was awarded the most value creating company in the industry in 2018 by Boston Consulting Group.


You secure your seat for this year’s Aarhus Symposium Focus and Aarhus Symposium by answering one of the three challenges in a short essay. Read about Aarhus Symposium Challenge and learn more about the three speakers here: