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22 Sep Lars Fjeldsøe-Nielsen – Speaker at Aarhus Symposium 2016

We are thrilled to announce Lars Fjeldsøe-Nielsen, General Partner, Balderton Capital, as a speaker at Aarhus Symposium 2016.

Lars Fjeldsøe-Nielsen has been characterised as ‘the godfather of mobile business development’ and is at the forefront of the digital development, as he identifies and invests in the best European technology companies.

Lars Fjeldsøe-Nielsen has spearheaded the mobile growth strategies for Uber and Dropbox and has been an advisor to Whatsapp. Through these efforts, he has managed to predict future digital demands, and he has been able to spread significant technologies to the mass market.

At Aarhus Symposium 2016, Lars Fjeldsøe-Nielsen will address what Nordic tech will look like in another ten years and share his insights on the booming scene of technology.

21 Sep Pernille Erenbjerg – Speaker at Aarhus Symposium 2016

It is with great pleasure that we announce Pernille Erenbjerg, President & CEO at TDC Group, as a speaker at Aarhus Symposium 2016.

In 2015, Pernille Erenbjerg was announced the most powerful Danish business woman by Denmark’s leading business magazine, Børsen.
Due to her extraordinary effort and great results in 2014, Pernille Erenbjerg managed to reach the absolute top of the corporate ladder in TDC Group, one of Denmark’s 20 largest public companies.

At Aarhus Symposium 2016, Pernille Erenbjerg will address issues regarding the future digital developments and how a company can keep its position throughout these rapid changes.

20 Sep Jens Birgersson – Speaker at Aarhus Symposium 2016

We are excited to present Jens Birgersson, President & CEO at ROCKWOOL International, as a speaker at Aarhus Symposium 2016!

Jens Birgersson is the front figure in one of the leading companies within the global insulation industry. In this position, he has demonstrated an ability to respond to economic and political uncertainty and the global ‘start and stop economy’. This is due to the valuable experiences he has gained during his stay at ABB. While the financial crisis ravaged, he experienced the importance of a company’s flexibility and manoeuvrability.

At Aarhus Symposium 2016, Jens Birgersson will share his insights on being a dynamic actor in a globalised world.

19 Sep Aarhus Symposium Panel Discussion 2016

We are proud to announce the three speakers who will join us on November 4 as part of the Aarhus Symposium Panel Discussion on “Exploring Cyber Power”.

The first speaker is Thomas Lund-Sørensen, Director at Centre for Cyber Security, which is a part of the Danish Defence Intelligence Service. As director, it is his main task to secure a high level of information security in the Danish society. Through his work, Thomas Lund-Sørensen has gained considerable experience with protecting Denmark against cyber threats.

Next, we present Anja Bechmann, Head of Digital Footprints Research Group at Aarhus University, Aarhus BSS. One of Anja Bechmann’s main research areas is consumer privacy on social media. Her knowledge on digital footprints is one of the reasons why she is an appointed member of the National ATV Council of Digital Sages.

The third and final speaker is Kim Schlyter, Cyber Risk Leader at Deloitte Denmark and the Nordics. He is a well-respected cyber security expert, who has been working with security for nearly 20 years. In his position at Deloitte, Schlyter uses his expertise to help companies analyse their resistance towards professional and criminal hackers. This practice goes across many cyber disciplines such as information protection and ethical hacking.

All three experts will bring interesting insights into the discussion on how we will secure ourselves against cybercrime now and in the future.

15 Sep Peter Bardenfleth-Hansen – Speaker at Aarhus Symposium 2016

It is with great pleasure that we present Peter Bardenfleth-Hansen, Director of Nordic Sales at Tesla Motors, as a speaker at Aarhus Symposium 2016!

During Peter Bardenfleth-Hansen’s time as Senior Regional Manager for Northern Europe at Tesla Motors, the size of the regional sales organisation was tripled. Hereby, he laid out the foundation for a strong presence throughout the region. This result shows Peter Bardenfleth-Hansen’s dedication to Tesla Motors as well as the transformation to more sustainable energy.

Alongside hard work, devotion has paved his way from store manager in Oslo to director of Nordic Sales. Since then, the sale of the Model S has more than doubled in the Scandinavian countries.

At Aarhus Symposium 2016, Peter Bardenfleth-Hansen will share his ambitions for Tesla Motors and the car industry in general.

14 Sep Matias Møl Dalsgaard – Speaker at Aarhus Symposium 2016

We are proud to announce Matias Møl Dalsgaard, CEO & Co-Founder of GoMore, as a speaker at Aarhus Symposium 2016!

Matias Møl Dalsgaard has truly revolutionised the Danish transport industry with the car-sharing platform GoMore. In this age of individualism, it is unique that Matias Møl Dalsgaard has been able to create a social forum where people from different backgrounds connect based on mutual trust. This trust is essential as the GoMore members are the core of the Internet service.

At Aarhus Symposium 2016, Matias Møl Dalsgaard will share his story on how he gained individual power by giving power to the people.

11 Sep Birgitte Bonnesen – Speaker at Aarhus Symposium 2016

We are thrilled to present Birgitte Bonnesen, CEO & President at Swedbank, as another speaker for Aarhus Symposium 2016.

As CEO of one of Europe’s strongest banks, Birgitte Bonnesen qualifies as one of the highest-ranking Danish business leaders outside of Denmark. Birgitte Bonnesen has gained great experience in Swedish leadership and corporate values, and she has distinct knowledge about the banking industry.

At Aarhus Symposium 2016, Birgitte Bonnesen will elaborate on her perspectives on Swedish banking as the well as the current challenges to the industry.

10 Sep Do you want to join the Support Crew for Aarhus Symposium 2016?

We are currently looking for new organisers to take part in our Support Crew.

As part of the Support Crew, you will experience Aarhus Symposium from the inside during the most eventful and active months of the year. If you want to join an ambitious student organisation, and if you are also interested in becoming part of the Organising Committee in 2017, please send an e-mail with your CV and a short motivational letter to: Deadline is on September 18, 2016.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Read more about the Organising Committee here.

09 Sep Jais Valeur – Speaker at Aarhus Symposium 2016

We are proud to announce Jais Valeur, CEO at Danish Crown, as a speaker at Aarhus Symposium 2016.

Jais Valeur is leading the largest agricultural export company in Denmark. Previously, he has played a vital role in the successful internationalisation of Arla where he demonstrated the ability to create profits while handling challenging geopolitical affairs. It is Jais Valeur’s vision that Danish Crown no longer shall perceive itself as a Danish exporter, but rather as an international food company.

At Aarhus Symposium 2016, Jais Valeur will share insights on how a global company can navigate a clear strategic direction in highly unpredictable markets.

07 Sep The Topics of Aarhus symposium Challenge 2016

We hereby announce the three topics of Aarhus Symposium Challenge 2016!
Find them in the Challenge Handbook here.

The three top leaders: Peder Holk Nielsen, President & CEO at Novozymes; Morten Albæk, Co-founder & CEO at Voluntas; and Jimmy Maymann, President at AOL Content & Consumer Brands, look forward to hearing your innovative ideas and creative solutions regarding “The Art of Power”.

By submitting an essay that meets the requirements, you can secure your seat at both Aarhus Symposium Focus 2016 and Aarhus Symposium 2016 as well as potentially qualify for an intimate session with the respective leader in Leaders’ Forum.

Following last year’s success, we have once again assembled a virtual toolbox that will provide you with inspiration for your essay. Find it right here.

The deadline for submitting you essay is September 28 before midnight. You can upload it here.

For more information about Aarhus Symposium Challenge, please click here.