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Jan Van De Winkel

President & CEO, Genmab

As President & CEO of Genmab since 2010, Jan van de Winkel has been praised for his outstanding leadership. After co-founding Genmab in 1999 with a clear vision of changing cancer treatment for the better, he has been instrumental to its scientific success in developing potentially life-changing antibodies. Scientific rigour leading to ground-breaking innovations has always been essential to Genmab. Consequently, Jan van de Winkel and Genmab have evolved through continuous learning to be among the most respected actors within their industry.


Genmab was founded in 1999 and has since become one of Europe’s largest and most successful biotech companies. Genmab’s success is often accredited to their world-class research and development efforts and successful alliances with top-tier pharmaceutical and biotech companies. As a result, Genmab now holds drug patents exceeding EUR 500 million in value and was included in Forbes’ 2017 list of the world’s most innovative companies.


President and CEO, Genmab
2010 – present


Chief Scientific Officer and President, Research and Development, Genmab
2008 – 2010


Co-founder, Chief Scientific Officer and Vice President, Genmab
1999 – 2008


Professor, Department of Immunology, Utrecht University
1996 – present


PhD in Immunology, University of Nijmengen