Steering Committee

The Steering Committee (STE) is responsible for the overall planning and execution of Aarhus Symposium. This includes a wide range of tasks such as choosing the organisers for a given year, facilitating intergroup collaboration, developing the culture of the organisation, communicating with external supporting organisations, and reporting monthly to the Executive Board.



The Programme Group (PG) is responsible for developing the engaging and inspirational programmes of Aarhus Symposium and Aarhus Symposium Focus. The primary task of the PG is to shortlist and invite speakers from all over the world to participate in Aarhus Symposium and Aarhus Symposium Focus. At the same time, the PG carefully chooses the themes that are to be explored at the events, and the group ensures that the speakers, dialogues, and debates effectively represent the selected themes.



The IT Group’s (IT) primary responsibility is to oversee and support the IT systems of Aarhus Symposium. This involves managing the official website, UX, data analytics, participant management system, ensuring that e-mail communication and internal file sharing is running efficiently, and providing general IT support to the various organising groups. Moreover, the IT group constantly seeks innovative opportunities to expand the technological and digital scope of the organisation.



The Marketing Group’s (MG) primary task is to promote the Aarhus Symposium brand. To do so, the MG uses a wide range of online communication channels and offline initiatives, shedding light on both the events, speakers, topics, and partners. Hereby, the MG is key to ensuring a well-prepared audience before the events as well as media coverage afterwards.

The MG develops through marketing strategies in collaboration with Kunde & Co; one of Northern Europe’s largest marketing and branding agencies. These strategies function as the guidelines for all external communication on the operational level; including, social media, press, prints, video material, etc.



Business Relations (BR) is responsible for obtaining the funding for Aarhus Symposium through corporate partnerships and sponsorships. The BR does so by negotiating with potential corporate partners to establish lasting relations, after which the group ensures the execution of the agreements.



The Essentials Group (EG) is in charge of planning and executing the events of Aarhus Symposium. This includes a wide range of tasks; from creating the master plans and designing the set-up to securing product sponsorships and delicious catering.

Through its work, the EG seeks to generate as much value for the participating students as possible while ensuring a well-structured execution of the events. In doing so, the EG works in close collaboration with the other groups of Aarhus Symposium, and the group ties the work of the entire organisation into the final products, Aarhus Symposium and Aarhus Symposium Focus being well planned and executed.



The Finance Group (FG) manages the finances of the organisation and is responsible for producing the annual report. The group’s responsibilities include drawing up the budget for the organisation, handling all payments to and from the organisation, and doing all the accounting. In producing the annual report, the FG works closely together with Deloitte; one of the world’s largest accounting firms and the auditing partner of Aarhus Symposium.



University Alliances (UA) is responsible for promoting Aarhus Symposium among curious and ambitious students outside Aarhus University. This is primarily accomplished through close collaboration with other student organisations or career offices rooted on the respective universities.

UA was established in the beginning of 2015 as a new initiative in the strive towards making Aarhus Symposium a national platform for dialogue between students and society’s key decision makers. However, the long-term objective for UA is to develop a highly international outlook.