Aarhus Symposium Challenge 2019 is your chance to…

Secure a seat
Aarhus Symposium Challenge 2019 is your opportunity to secure a seat for this year’s Aarhus Symposium and Aarhus Symposium Focus. Engage with great leaders of today by submitting an essay that expresses your unique take on one of the three challenge topics.

Participate in Leaders’ Forum
Did you know that your creativity may become your entrance ticket to Leaders’ Forum? This is an exclusive session with the speaker whose challenge you have addressed in your essay. Here, you have the opportunity to connect with a leader of today and gain insight into some of the predominant companies’ way to function in a challenging world.  

Experience Special Partner Events  
Special Partner Events are your opportunity as well as our Premium Partners’ chance to work with ambitious students, look into the future, and get their take on new trends. As well for the students to gain insight into some of the prevalent companies and expand ones network.

Win the Aarhus Symposium Award
The most outstanding essay contributor will be honored on stage with the Aarhus Symposium Award following a check worth 10,000 DKK. A symbolic acknowledgement for an outstanding contribution to this year’s Aarhus Symposium.

Be rewarded with a special prize
Everyone is born with some level of creativity! The student who unravels the most creative solution to one of this year’s three challenge topics will be rewarded with a special prize for the most creative essay.

Essay hand-in deadline
Hand in your essay no later than September 22 at 23:59! If you would like to gain more information about Aarhus Symposium Challenge read more here.



For the very first time, we are honoured to announce the LEGO Group as Premium Partner for Aarhus Symposium 2019.

Their creative universe, imaginative ways of creating new product lines, and the endless combinations of the iconic bricks truly make the LEGO Group the embodiment of creativity.

The LEGO Group will invite a selected group of students to participate in “A Day At the LEGO Group”, an exclusive event at their headquarters in Billund. You increase your chances of being selected to participate in this special partner event by writing a great essay.

Read more about our Premium Partners here: bit.ly/ASPartners2019



We are proud to present the full speaker line-up and tracks for Aarhus Symposium 2019. 

Join us on November 1 when 14 speakers give their take on this year’s theme, “Mastering Creativity”. Secure your seat by submitting your essay for Aarhus Symposium Challenge 2019 no later than September 22 at 23:59.  

Read more about the theme, tracks, and speakers here: http://bit.ly/ASYMP19



We are pleased to announce that Ulrik Haagerup, Founder and CEO, Constructive Institute, will be returning as the moderator of Aarhus Symposium Focus 2019!

In 2017, Ulrik Haagerup founded Constructive Institute in response to increasing sensationalism. With several years in the business of journalism, Ulrik possess great insights into creating an interesting debate. This will indeed ensure a productive discussion between the speakers at Aarhus Symposium Focus 2019.

Read more about Aarhus Symposium Focus 2019 here: https://aarhus-symposium.org/aarhus-symposium-focus


Lazzaro + Bettina_Focus_WEB.png

We are pleased to announce Elisabetta Lazzaro and Betina Hagerup as the final speakers for Aarhus Symposium Focus 2019.

As a Professor of Creative Economy at HKU University of the Arts Utrecht, Elisabetta Lazzaro considers creativity to be an essential component of research, innovation processes, and methodologies. Creative industries are of growing importance to the economy of many countries and represent a powerful way of providing a distinctive image of a country, helping it stand out. 

As Director of Markets, The Danish Chamber of Commerce, Betina Hagerup recognises the importance of utilising innovation and creativity in businesses and acknowledges creativity to be the growth driver of tomorrow. According to Betina, active policies assist in creating favourable conditions for businesses which will lead Danish companies into the innovative super league.

 Read more about Aarhus Symposium Focus 2019 here: https://aarhus-symposium.org/aarhus-symposium-focus



We are delighted to announce the final speakers for Aarhus Symposium 2019. Christian Stadil, Signe Lopdrup, and Henrik Andersen will take the stage and present their take on “Mastering Creativity”

As co-author of a book about improving creative skills, Christian Stadil, CEO & Co-Founder, Thornico, believes that creativity is a crucial growth factor for companies. The active use of creativity in Thornico, a conglomerate consisting of 120 companies, resulted in record earnings in 2018. Further, Christian personally uses creativity as a member of the Danish think tank, Big Future. Here, he is imperative in the promotion of sustainable company growth, when he mentors and invest in young start-up companies.

Aiming to change the way we perceive food, Henrik Lund, CEO, Naturli´ Foods, is dependent on creativity. It is essential when creating sustainable alternatives to long-established food products. By distributing meat alternatives to the general public, Naturli´ Foods has achieved enormous export growth and record earnings in 2018. Thus, Henrik combats the effects of climate change and thereby achieving his goal.  

Roskilde Festival is solely dependent on creativity for further development without compromising their creative spirit. With 15 years of experience leading creative institutions, Signe Lopdrup, CEO, Roskilde Festival, is no stranger within this field. Her experiences are necessary for the festival, as the non-profit organisation uses all profits for humanitarian work.

Find the full speaker line-up for Aarhus Symposium 2019 here: http://bit.ly/ASSpeakers19


As a reflection of this year’s theme: Mastering Creativity, three silhouette portraits of the  speakers participating in Aarhus Symposium Challenge embellished Challenge Launch 2019.  

We would like to thank the two creative start-up companies, Taishō and Framing People for their visionary contribution to Aarhus Symposium 2019. Taishō showed how to use creativity in the design of the silhouettes while Framing People provided the sustainable frames for the three pictures of the participating speakers.  

Everyone has an impact on the world, but how can you have a clean conscience?  
Both Taishō and Framing People have taken advantage of their creative capabilities, turning a challenge into a change. Creativity has enabled them to expand their scope of possibilities and has been an essential component when constructing new, sustainable design solutions for their customers.  

Would you like to read more about Taishō and Framing People follow the links: http://bit.ly/TaishoWeb and http://bit.ly/FramingPeople 



We are pleased to present Lene Tanggaard and Bo Linnemann as the first two speakers for Aarhus Symposium Focus 2019!

Lene Tanggaard, Professor, Department of Communication & Psychology, Aalborg University, is an expert on how to convey her knowledge of psychological processes to practice. Through her research within the development of a cultural psychological understanding of creativity, Lene believes that creativity is about exploring new innovative ways of putting the world together in unexpected ways.

Bo Linnemann, Owner and Founding Partner, Kontrapunkt, is a recognised Danish designer responsible for designing and branding programmes for companies and institutions from all over the world. Bo utilises design as a tool for problem-solving and teaches design and typography globally. He has an ambition to influence the development of Denmark's future design traditions and to strengthen the artistic and practice-oriented foundation for the educational institution. 

Read more about Aarhus Symposium Focus 2019 here: https://aarhus-symposium.squarespace.com/config/pages/5bf6e66ef950b75bc4a06f5c


We are proud to welcome Arla as Premium Partner of Aarhus Symposium 2019.

Arla sees personal growth as their own growth. At Arla, you are offered the opportunity to expand your skill set in a dynamic environment along with 19,000 great colleagues. Thus, you will grow your potential in a company with great leaders who inspire to take action and seize opportunities. Do you want to learn more about Arla? Watch the video below.

At Aarhus Symposium 2019, you will have the opportunity to network with Arla representatives from different business functions and learn much more about potential career opportunities.

Learn more about our partnerships here: http://bit.ly/ASPartners2019



We are excited to welcome Rene Rechtman, Finn Poulsen, and Mikkel Grene as speakers for Aarhus Symposium 2019

As CEO & Co-Founder at Moonbug Entertainment, Rene Rechtman is constantly creative when he creates and distributes children’s entertainment. This is a must when wanting to redefine how children’s entertainment is made and expand the minds of children using inspiring stories. With Rene's creative approach and storytelling, Moonbug owns the third most watched children’s video on Youtube of all time.

With the goal of expanding from 600 to more than 1000 stores, Finn Poulsen, CEO, Co-Founder, & Partner, BESTSELLER Retail Europe, recognize the utility of creativity. This is imperative within the fashion industry when wanting to promote good working conditions and adhere to a sustainability strategy. The rewards for this were record earnings and revenues while opening 170 new stores in 2018.

Relying on their core values and creative spirit, Søstrene Grene doubled their revenues and expanded into four new markets in 2018. From a young age, Mikkel Grene, CEO, Søstrene Grene, was encouraged to be creative by his parents and thus carry on the innovative business concept. This has proven indispensable when creating tremendous demand when releasing new lines of home accessories and stationary.

Secure you seat by participating in Aarhus Symposium Challenge. Read more here: http://bit.ly/ASChallenge2019



We are pleased to announce the theme of Aarhus Symposium Focus 2019:


The theme seeks to discuss how Denmark can unlock and utilise its creative skills to ensure continued growth and prosperity. We have assembled a competent panel with diverse academic backgrounds and experiences to discuss both current developments and, more importantly, how to ensure a positive development going forward.

We invite you to join the discussion of Denmark as a creative hub; how can workers, organisations, and policymakers of today use creativity to thrive when doing business in the world of tomorrow? How can we consolidate Denmark’s position as a creative superpower?

Learn more about Aarhus Symposium Focus 2019 here: https://aarhus-symposium.org/news/2019/9/8/what-is-aarhus-symposium-focusnbsp



We are incredibly pleased to announce Susanne Mørch Koch, André Rogaczewski, and Henrik Andersen as the three speakers participating in this year’s Aarhus Symposium Challenge. 


With the liberalisation of the gaming industry in 2012, the market conditions for the betting market was redefined. However, Susanne Mørch Koch, CEO, Danske Spil, increased market shares and achieved record earnings with a digital transformation paving the way. As an acknowledgement of this successful transformation, Danske Spil was awarded “Digital Company of The Year” in 2019.


Netcompany is the first Danish company to exceed a 1000 employees in the last 20 years. André Rogaczewski, CEO & Co-founder, Netcompany, started programming from a young age, as he saw the potential of technology. Now, André uses his own experiences to combine creativity and technology to change and improve the way we live our lives. Together with Netcompany, he accomplishes this by developing and implementing IT solutions to the largest companies in Denmark.


As part of the successful turnaround of Vestas resulting in a 460% increase in stock price, Henrik Andersen, CEO, Vestas, uses creativity to challenge status quo. This is fundamental when transforming a global business. By setting a new strategic direction and being a front runner in the green transition, Vestas was awarded the most value creating company in the industry in 2018 by Boston Consulting Group.


You secure your seat for this year’s Aarhus Symposium Focus and Aarhus Symposium by answering one of the three challenges in a short essay. Read about Aarhus Symposium Challenge and learn more about the three speakers here: http://bit.ly/ASChallenge2019


Wondering what Aarhus Symposium Focus is?

The event zooms in on a national perspective on the overall theme of Aarhus Symposium. At Aarhus Symposium Focus, speakers with different backgrounds in terms of education and work experience engage in dialogue and debate orchestrated by an experienced moderator. The competent speakers allow students to gain insights into a theme of academic interest, offering the most curious students an opportunity to delve deeper into the theme of Aarhus Symposium. 

At Aarhus Symposium Focus 2019, we invite you to engage in insightful discussions which shed light on relevant societal challenges seen from a national and an academic point of view.

How to participate in Aarhus Symposium Focus 2019? 

You secure your seat for Aarhus Symposium Focus 2019 by participating in Aarhus Symposium Challenge 2019. Remember to tick off the box to select Aarhus Symposium Focus, when submitting your essay. Learn more about Aarhus Symposium Challenge 2019 here: https://www.facebook.com/events/551784958695138/

Make sure to attend Aarhus Symposium Focus 2019 if you want the unique opportunity to engage in elevated and productive discussions. 

In the meantime, you can re-experience some of our favourite moments from Aarhus Symposium Focus 2018 in the video above. 



We are delighted to announce the VELUX Group as Premium Partner of Aarhus Symposium 2019 for the second consecutive year.

Do you want to participate in “A Day At The VELUX Group”?

Shortly after Aarhus Symposium 2019, the VELUX Group welcomes selected dedicated students to get an inside perspective on how they create better living environments by bringing daylight and fresh air into people’s homes all over the world.

Do you need inspiration to write a great essay? Follow the link and learn more about Aarhus Symposium Challenge 2019 here: bit.ly/ASChallengeLaunch2019



We are happy to announce Nana Bule, the Founders of Shaping New Tomorrow, and Kasper Holten for Aarhus Symposium 2019.

Creativity is fundamental in the development of modern technology. Nana Bule, CEO, Microsoft Denmark, is a prominent part of the public debate on digital development. Her knowledge of technology and leadership is valuable serving as Board Chair of AI-based Motosumo. In addition, Nana utilises her position at Microsoft towards making Denmark more adaptable to technological changes.

Daring to be different and creative, Shaping New Tomorrow, a Danish men’s fashion start-up, invented comfortable and fashionable clothing. By appearing on the Danish television show,“Løvens Hule”, Shaping New Tomorrow attracted investors and introduced their innovative clothing to a broad audience. As a result, Shaping New Tomorrow saw impressive growth as they expanded into four new markets in 2018.

Creativity is decisive when interpreting, challenging, and taking risks with classic artforms. Kasper Holten, Director, The Royal Danish Theatre, uses his experiences as a self-taught producer and author to confront the usual approach of performing classic art. This is incisive when challenging the norms and pre-established boundaries of an organisation reliant upon creativity.

Stay tuned as we will reveal the remaining speakers.



For the fourth consecutive year, we are delighted to announce Ørsted as exclusive Premium Partner for Aarhus Symposium Focus 2019.

Did you know that Ørsted is…

-       World leader in offshore wind power

-       One of the most profitable energy companies in the world

-       The most sustainable energy company in the world 

You can network with representatives from Ørsted at Aarhus Symposium Focus 2019 on October 28. Remember to tick off the box when submitting your essay to secure your seat for Aarhus Symposium Focus 2019!

If you want to learn more about the Premium Partners for Aarhus Symposium 2019 use the link: bit.ly/ASPartners2019



We are excited to announce that Dataminds is our Data Science Partner. Dataminds is a data science and analytics consultancy that specialises in the areas of Business Intelligence, Analytics, and Business Process Management.

By combining strong competences within statistical analysis and data processing, Dataminds enables Aarhus Symposium to gain insight into the analytics of our collected data. These creative and intelligent solutions support our future decision-making processes.

Last fall, we produced a survey which was sent out to all of the participants at Aarhus Symposium 2018. The gathered information and feedback is now utilised to improve the experience of Aarhus Symposium 2019. This is revolutionary tool for our organisation, which we can benefit largely from.

We are looking forward to further developing our partnership with Dataminds.


The winner of the Aarhus Symposium Award 2018, Soraya Redondo Mezmizi, Master of Laws, University of Copenhagen, calls for an increased focus on helping students develop soft skills. She points out adaptive learning technology as a method to achieving this goal.

In her essay, Soraya points out adaptive learning technology as a method to achieving this goal. The essay secured Soraya a private session with Ulrik Juul Christensen, Co-Founder & Executive Chairman, Area9 Group:

“Being out of your comfort zone means that you are developing as an individual. That is the best experience I can get from the Leaders Forum session at Aarhus Symposium”.  

Listen to Soraya Redondo Mezmizi elaborating on her inspirational experience of winning the Aarhus Symposium Award 2018.


“In a world where we are going to have an increased demand on humans, it is incredibly important that we find ways where we change the way we educate ourselves and each other.”

With over 20 years of experience within advancements in adaptive learning and computer simulation, Ulrik Juul Christensen, Co-Founder & Executive Chairman, Area9 Group, challenges the conventional ways of learning.

At Aarhus Symposium 2018, he shared his considerations on the current resource constrained environment.

Watch his full session here learn how Ulrik Juul Christensen and Area9 Group work to create learning experience tailored to the individual user’s needs.